Legacy and History

Our History, Our Legacy.....

Thomas Joseph McDonough 
(December 5, 1911 – August 4, 1998)
Pope Paul VI promoted McDonough to Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky, on March 1, 1967.   His tenure saw advances made in liturgical renewal, ecumenism, and lay involvement. After fourteen years as Archbishop, he resigned on September 29, 1981

June 17, 1975

Archbishop Thomas J. McDonough assigned Fr. Charles B. McCauley the task of founding a new parish in Jeffersontown. St. Edward parish was to be divided to form the new Parish since it had grown to a great extent. Mr. John P. Riggs donated five acres and later agreed to sell three more acres to provide a home for the new Parish - which was to be called St. Michael.

December 10, 1975

Mass was first offered at the Jeffersontown Christian Church on the first Sunday of Advent.

August 12, 1979

Groundbreaking ceremony of first worship space.

Building the first St. Michael Church and the Rectory. 

November 8, 1980

The church was completed and the first on-site Mass held on November 8, 1980, with the rectory being completed at the same time. There were approximately 300 families registered.

June 2, 1987

Fr. Bill Griner was assigned to St. Michael Parish. Under his leadership, the Parish continued to expand with the addition of the Family Life Center.

April 26, 1992

The Family Life Center was dedicated by Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly.

July 18, 1997

Fr. Kenny Kamber joined our community as a part-time Associate Pastor to help us better serve our growing number of families. 

September, 1997

September of 1997 we broke ground on our life long formation center.

September 11, 1997

As our community continued to grow, Fr. Bill recognized that a school was not only desired, but needed. The doors of the Family Life Center were opened to kindergarten and first grade students.

August 26, 1998

The new Lifelong Learning Center building was occupied for the first time. At this time the parish had 680 families. It would later simply be referred to as the school.

June 20, 1999

After 12 years at St. Michael, Fr. Bill moved to another assignment in the Archdiocese. Fr. Gary Davis was assigned as the new leader of our Parish. Fr. Gary held his first Mass at St. Michael.

June 1, 2003

It was with special honor that we gathered together to celebrate Fr. Kenny's Golden Jubilee as a priest.

August 6, 2006

The new Community Center was dedicated by Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly and other officials including Mayor Jerry Abramson. This facility was built to house the many activities, including athletics, of an expanding parish.

June 14, 2008

After nine years at St. Michael, Fr. Gary received a new assignment in the Archdiocese and a new pastor, 
Fr. Dick Sullivan, was appointed. 

September 29, 2011

The growth experienced at St. Michael led to the need for new church facilities. The existing church held about 350 people, so Easter and Christmas masses had to be held in the Community Center.  In 2010 preliminary work began and on 9/29/2011 the ground breaking ceremony was held for our new worship space. 

June 16, 2013

The Dedication Ceremony for our new worship space brought an unprecedented number of parishioners to celebrate our expansion. We started in the old church and the processed to our new worship space. 

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