Justice and Charity


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Members of the Bereavement Committee support families who have experienced the death of a loved one. Members assist by preparing a dish, attending a funeral to show parish support or by helping to serve a meal after a funeral. There is a core committee which plans meals, and a telephone committee to request food contributions.

Rebecca Eisenback

Ministers of Care


We have many opportunities to demonstrate care and concern for the elderly, sick and home bound members of our parish. Volunteers may choose to prepare or deliver food or make visits at their convenience to the home bound. Ministers who have received training deliver Holy Communion to the Hurstbourne Care Center on Sundays.

Pat Payne (co-chair)

Joanne Graham (co-chair)

ministers of consolation


The Ministers of Consolation support families who have experienced the death of a loved one. The members work with the family members to plan the funeral liturgy and assist with preparations.

Carole Freville

Respect Life


Members organize functions in conjunction with the Archdiocese and various local groups. Some of our annual events include participating in the “Walk for Life”, hosting a soccer camp for St. Joseph’s Children’s Home, delivering meals to seniors on Fridays, selling roses on Mother’s Day and participating in the baby bottle fundraiser for Little Way Pregnancy Resource Center, praying outside the EMW during the 40 Days For Life Campaign, and attending the Right to Life and Little Way banquets. We participate in collecting names for petitions relating to a variety of respect life topics. Our committee also organizes guest speakers and movie nights on topics such as the death penalty, immigration, abortion, pornography, and stem cell research. We host a poster/essay contest for grades K-8 during October which is Respect Life Month. Our goal is to educate on all respect life issues including but not limited to the death penalty, immigration, abortion,stem cell research, pornography, imprisonment, abuse, orphaned, poverty, euthanasia, handicapped, and the sick. We strive to serve those in our community by becoming involved in activities related to any respect life topic. We welcome new members and invite you to join us in our call to serve.

Dawn Heuglin

St Vincent DePaul


Committee members seek to fulfill two great commandments: Love of God and Love of Neighbor. The only requirement needed is a desire to serve as Jesus served, with an unconditional love. We seek to help those in our community in need of food, clothing or financial assistance with rent and utilities. Our goal is to bring Christ into the home by visiting those in need to let them know they have not been forgotten. We invite you to join our conference as we grow in our own spirituality through silent works of charity.
Kathy Goodin

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