On the Get Involved page, you’ll find ways and opportunities to give your time, talent and treasure that can benefit you and your St. Michael community! Embrace and follow the selfless example of Christ in giving thanks to God by generously sharing the time, talent and treasure with which you have been blessed.

Figure out what you care about. If you’re passionate about singing or playing an instrument, consider joining our Music Ministry to participate in the weekly Mass celebration. We have many different stewardship options for you to select. We encourage you to participate in at least one each year. Remember, most organizations require youth volunteers under 12 to be accompanied by an adult.

Many people have talents and skills that can be helpful to our community. Are you a plumber, electrician or engineer by trade? Join our Administration Council to plan our campus improvements. Are you great at planning a party? Join our Summer Festival Planning Committee. Are you an athlete? Maybe you can help coach school-age children in our Sports Ministry. Let St. Michael reap the benefits of your natural talents.

 To set up your stewardship pledge, you have several options:

2) Complete the print version of the Stewardship Form and return to the Parish Office. 

To give your Treasure donations:
a) Select "ACH" on the Stewardship Form  
You will need to have an Auto Withdrawal Agreement Form on file at the parish office
b) Select “Envelopes” on the Stewardship Form

Everything we have comes from a most generous God, a God who has entrusted to us the varied gifts of – families, friends, earthly goods, inborn and developing talents, intellectual skills, our very lives! Good stewards recognize these gifts, develop them, use them and share them, in justice, with others. A significant way to share our gifts and put our faith into action is through a life lived in grateful usage of Time, Talent and Treasure.
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