The Worship Committee seeks to promote, encourage, and enrich the spiritual growth of the St. Michael community. We see ourselves as a visionary, creative committee. With the Liturgical Seasons as our guide and inspiration, we aspire to provide the Liturgy Committee with ideas and suggestions to help plan meaningful, reverent liturgies. We also seek to educate the community, calling them to ministry, and encouraging full, conscious, active participation by all. The Worship committee meets on a quarterly basis


Music Ministries

  • Adult Choir 
  • Cantors 
  • Children/Youth Bell Choir
  • Adult Bell Choir
  • Youth Choir
  • Ensemble
  • Youth Ensemble-
  • Instrumentalists
  • Resurrection Choir
Music Ministries

Church Decorations
Art and Environment

This committee is responsible for designing and creating the enhancements for the sanctuary, church and chapel in keeping with the liturgical calendar and season. Banners, book covers, table linens and other areas that play a roll in the liturgical experience through the senses are explored, being mindful of the graces unique to each season.
Linda Miles


Altar Attendants

Altar Attendants 

Altar attendants are responsible for setting up for Mass and assisting the priest during Mass. Youth, fifth graders and older, as well as adult members are welcome to participate in this ministry. Training is provided.

Donna Ernst
David Moberly, training
Communion Ministers

Communion Ministers

As a Communion minister, you have been called to serve the very life of the Church, the living Body and Blood of Christ. There are at least fourteen Communion ministers at each Mass. Rotation is based on the number of people who are ministers for that Mass time, but typically four times a quarter. Training is required.

Laura Rink
Cross Bearer


Crossbearers lead the ministers and priest in procession into the worship area at liturgies. Youth, fifth grade and older, and adult members are welcome to participate.

Marijo Greenwell


(Ministers of the Word)

Lectors proclaim the Scripture readings and prayers of petition. Lectors are expected to prepare for liturgies in order to read with understanding and reverence. Some level of public speaking ability is encouraged. Youth interested in the lector ministry can attend training beginning in the fifth grade.

Bill Geier


The Liturgy Planning Committee works to implement the vision of the worship committee. We work also with the ministry coordinators to assist in training, scheduling and development of ministers. This committee seeks creative, task- oriented persons who join with the Ministry Coordinators and members of the Pastoral Staff to plan the liturgical seasons and holidays. Meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
Gina DeWitt 


Ministers of Hospitality (Greeters)

Ministers of Hospitality distribute worship materials and bulletins before and after Mass, assist with seating when needed, coordinate the collection, and are responsible for presenting and removing gifts from the altar. Ministers of hospitality create a welcome and friendly atmosphere at our liturgies. This is a wonderful opportunity for a family to serve together.

Mary Rose Stephenson
(502) 261-2889
Gerri Brooks
(502) 742-5523


The liturgies of our church require some orchestration to ensure we have smooth, well-coordinated and prayerful services. Much of that work is accomplished behind the scenes by our Mass Reps. They arrive early for services to prepare all that is necessary for the liturgy: the bread, wine, vessels, and books, making sure all are ready and in place. They check-in the assigned liturgical ministers, organize the procession and coordinate the Collection and Presentation of Gifts. If you are a great organizer and communicator, then this could be the ministry for you! 
Pat Hicks 

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